Conduct fully automated interviews using AI

We are building the best AI interview app ever! Let your team focus on real tasks while Recroo AI takes care of screening candidates.


Recroo AI is simple to use yet extremely powerful. Just let Recroo AI know how to conduct the interview and on what topic. Recroo AI will conduct the entire interview and notify you once the interview has been conducted!

Full AI Automation

Recroo AI provides a real-interview like environment.

AI Feedback

Our AI gives a complete feedback with rating.

AI Assistant

Recruiters can ask AI any question regarding interview.

Interview Transcript

Recruiters can review the interview transcript.

Interview Audio

Recruiters can listen entire interview conversation.

Candidate Management

Manage candidates by bookmarking or archiving them.

Recroo AI makes it simple to get started. Just provide a Job Title if you are feeling lazy 😀 or else bring along a Job Description if you are a bit proactive! If you are an enthusiast recruiter, provide all the details including custom questions or topics to cover during interview! The rest is taken care of by Recroo AI!

Fully-automated AI Interview app

Recroo AI is the only fully-automated AI interview app that conducts end-to-end AI interviews which is best suitable for screening candidates. Click here to get started.